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On Thursday 30th November, 2017 The National Association of Nigerian Communities (NANC) UK paid a courtesy visit to the new Nigeria High Commissioner to the UK, Ambassador George Oguntade CFR, CON.

In his opening remarks, NANC President Seyi Obadare congratulated His Excellency on his new position and prayed for growth and more interaction within the community during his tenure. He implored the high commissioner to look into improving communication with the communities, look into having town hall meetings which NANC can help spearhead, look into improving the current abject Nigerian passport situation as well as the National ID card scheme.

His Excellency with attended Minsters (Welfare, Immigration and Trade&Investment) promised to work hard and ensure Nigerians feel more comfortable about the high commission. The Minister – Consular, Education and Welfare Mr E. Namah highlighted that Ambassador Oguntade has requested for more passport booklets from Nigeria. He also pointed out that the high commission is willing to work closely with relevant communities to reach out to more Nigerians spread across the UK.

His Excellency has also requested that the Nigeria house in Manchester be used as an outstation for Nigerians so they don’t have to travel to London for consular services, this is currently awaiting Federal Governments approval.

The Minister Trade & Investment, Mr Victor Adeleke said his department is keen to work closely with business minded Nigerians and very soon a monthly business club meeting will be set up to encourage Nigerians meet monthly to develop ideas and contribute to the growth of Nigeria.

The Minister for Immigration, whilst imploring Nigerians to follow laid down procedures at the high commission pointed out that over 2000 passports had been awaiting collection at the high commission and urged Nigerians to regularly check the HC’s website. The High Commission will also look at passport capturing possibilities outside London in 2018 with the help of NANC in making this happen.

His Excellency concluded his speech and highlighted that nation building is a collective responsibility of everyone.

NANC and all it’s representatives gave a gift to His Excellency which was presented by the new Miss Commonwealth- Miss Jennifer. An appreciation award was also presented to Mr Namah for his unrelenting effort in supporting the welfare needs of Nigerians in the UK.

Pastor David Jimoh, RCCG COP said a prayer for His Excellency and Ministers as the meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Mr Kunle Aderemi NANC PRO.

NANC hereby appeals to all Nigerians in the UK to be a part of achieving the positive change we all yearn for.

Thank you.

Kunle Aderemi (PRO NANC)


Jul 24 2017


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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